The Association

an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically.

We operate on a non-profit basis. Although we have members from all over, we are an integral part of the local community!
Aviation may be seen as privilege, but our association enables affordable access for all.
It’s not necessary to buy a full aircraft to fly, often members share flights without cost, maybe just for assistance with washing or maintenance.

Formal shares can be purchased from as little as £1500 with running costs as low as £15 an hour. Alternatively whole Microlight Aircraft (in good flying condition) have changed hands for a little as £1200 – including a trailer! Quite a few at £2000, £3000 etc… the sky isn’t the limit! See for examples. Guidance on all options are available from the members.

Facilities are available for wider community use, ideally without impacting on our core activity.
BBQ’s etc take place, dog walkers, runners etc. are welcome anytime.

Our Aims

  • To represent the interests of seaplane and microlight flying in Northern Ireland.
  • Have a say in the regulation of the sport to make it accessible to anyone with an interest in it, active or passive.
  • Promote seaplane & microlight flying in Northern Ireland and further afield.
  • Encourage existing PPL holders to qualify for a seaplane rating
  • Supply practical flight and ground school training leading to a pilot’s licence.
  • Provide facilities for pilots, would be pilots and those with an interest in aeroplanes with their families, to meet, socialise and enjoy the fascinating and varied world of aviation.
  • Provide support for learning and education in aviation related areas, effectively a high tech “mens shed” where experience is shared and knowledge passed on.
  • Recover and protect the heritage of past historic seaplane operations in Northern Ireland.

Our Chairman – Mark Holmes, has an amphibious seaplane. [email protected]

Our Secretary – Colin Graham, has a Skyranger Classic.

Our Treasurer – Stanley Millen, flys an AX3.


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