Causeway Airfield

Home of the Ulster Seaplane Association Ltd

The association was formed in 2005, to provide a focus for like-minded people who enjoy all aspects of flying. The association is Non-Profit. Members can be pilots, enthusiasts or engineers – sometimes all three. 

We have members from all forms of aviation; Seaplanes, Microlights, Models, Kites, Paragliders and more. The association is a genuine community hub for enthusiasts.

The members have been developing Causeway Airfield, an oasis in the open countryside where members can enjoy nature as well as aviation! It is now operational and able to welcome visitors.

Full training and examination for the Microlight Pilot’s licence is currently available at Causeway Airfield.

Hangarage is available for aircraft. For more details visit here.

A large part of flying is the support network – so we work with the LAA, BMAA, BHPA and CAA to keep everything running safely and legally.  

Aviation is maintenance intensive and members have extensive experience to safely enable owner assisted maintenance.

Amazingly this was the first non microlight to land at Causeway Airfield – The AN2 is the largest single engine biplane in the world! Some club members had the opportunity for hands on control on a short flight – a once in a lifetime experience.